Here is a list of some useful tips for designing and some helpful websites that I have found to be great resources. You might find something useful that adds value to your designing and production. Check them out and enjoy!
Mac (10.5), Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Photoshop CS4 tips

⌘ + tab

(Mac, Illustrator) Scroll between open programs/files. When you highlight the program/file you want, simply release the command button.

⌘ + `

(Mac, Illustrator, Dreamweaver) Reverses the scroll direction between programs/files. It also allows you to scroll through multiple open panes in programs like Illustrator and Mail. Add shift for Dreamweaver.

⌘ + W

(Mac) Closes panes in programs, and tabs in browsers.

⌘ + Q

(Mac) Closes the current program completely.

⌘ + M

(Mac) Minimizes the current program. Does not work with Photoshop.

⌘ + -

(Mac) Zoom out to smaller view. Also decreases browser font size.

⌘ + =

(Mac) Zoom in to larger view. Also increases browser font size.

fn + page↓ or page↑

(Dreamweaver) Page view down or up, entire screen.

fn + page← or page→

(Dreamweaver) Jump to the complete Left or Right end of a line of text code. Hold shift to highlight selection.

option + page← or page→

(Dreamweaver) Jump to the Left or Right end of a word of text code. Hold shift to highlight selection.

ctrl + tab

(Photoshop) Scroll through multiple open panes. Add shift to reverse direction.

⌘ + [ or ]

(Photoshop) Move selected layer down or up in Layers tab.

⌘ + [ or ]

(Illustrator) Move selected object forward or backward. Add shift to move completely forward or backward.

option + [ or ]

(Photoshop) Scroll down or up through layers in the Layers tab to select a layer.
Website Resources

Adobe Creative Suite Podcast
Terry White is a great instructor giving some great tips and tutorials.

A huge resource of all-you-can-learn training with video tutorials and online courses.

Kelby Training
These guys who founded the NAPP offer online and event training for creatives.

The Certified Internet Web Professional program where I received my certification.

A List Apart
All things code, content, design and more from the pro's on the cutting edge of our industry.

Resources for Web Design
An overwhelming array of extensive web resources all listed on one page.

Tutorials, Examples, References, Certificates and more for HTML, XHTML, CSS, Scripting and other resources for web developers.

A large resource of fonts, and a cool place to cruise when you just need to take a break.

Letterhead Fonts
If you're a font lover, you'll have a tough time leaving this site.

Empirical Tech Works
Full-service computer repair, networking, sales, training and more, located in Rockford, IL.

Computer Repairs and Solutions
Get on-site or remote support for your home and business computer, parts and performance, data backup and recovery, located in Green Bay, WI.

Web Design Finders
A site to search for a web design company. Look for Heydayv Design there.

Fish Creek, WI Design Firms
Another site listing Heydayv Design among web design companies.